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Bomann Fencing, Building More Than Fences in Marianna, FL: Join Our Team as a Fencing Apprentice.

Updated: Feb 3

building Barb wire fence and hiring with Bomann fencing logo image

Are you a GO-GETTER in Marianna, FL area? #MariannaJobs #FLJobs

Position: Fencing Apprentice

Location: Marianna, FL and surrounding 50-mile radius


  • LEARN AND DEVELOP SKILLS: Construct high-quality fences.

  • START AT THE BOTTOM: Gain grassroots understanding of the fencing trade.

  • COLLABORATE WITH EXPERTS: Learn from seasoned team members.

  • EMBRACE SUCCESS: Commit to your growth and Bomann Fencing's.


  • STRONG WORK ETHIC: Dedicated, hardworking, committed.

  • LOYALTY: Be part of the Bomann Fencing family.

  • DRIVE FOR SUCCESS: Passion for personal and professional growth.

  • WILLINGNESS TO LEARN: No experience required; we provide training.

Career Path:Join us, grow within 6 months, lead teams in 1-1.5 years. #CareerGrowth #Leadership

What We Offer:

  • GREAT OUTDOOR WORK ENVIRONMENT: Enjoy working in nature.

  • DIGNITY AND RESPECT: Respectful workplace interactions.

  • BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Independent thinking valued.

  • STEADY AND RELIABLE PAY: Consistent compensation.


Ready to join? Call 850-768-0641 or visit our website! #JoinOurTeam #FencingJobs

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