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Harnessing the Power of Harmony: Agricultural and Wildlife-Friendly Fencing in Solar Fields

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Sunset at a solar power field


At Bomann Fencing, we take pride in contributing to sustainable energy solutions that not only power our communities but also foster a harmonious coexistence with nature. Our collaboration with Waymore Land Management Inc, Moss, and Florida Power and Light on their solar projects exemplifies the privilege and pleasure we find in promoting responsible energy development.

The Importance of Agricultural and Wildlife-Friendly Fencing:

Preserving Biodiversity:

As the demand for clean energy grows, so does the need for solar fields. However, this expansion should not come at the expense of our natural habitats. Agricultural and wildlife-friendly fencing is a crucial component in mitigating the impact of solar projects on local ecosystems. It helps preserve biodiversity by creating safe corridors for wildlife movement and protecting vegetation crucial to local fauna.

Minimizing Human-Wildlife Conflict:

Proper fencing not only safeguards the solar infrastructure but also minimizes potential conflicts between wildlife and humans. By incorporating wildlife-friendly designs, we ensure that our solar fields do not disrupt the natural behaviors of the surrounding fauna, promoting a balanced and sustainable environment.

Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability:

Agricultural lands often host solar projects, and our fencing solutions are tailored to support both energy production and farming activities. This dual-purpose approach maximizes land use efficiency while maintaining the integrity of agricultural operations.

Collaborating with Waymore Land Management Inc, Moss, and Florida Power and Light:

Our collaboration with industry leaders Waymore Land Management Inc, Moss, and Florida Power and Light is a testament to our commitment to excellence in sustainable energy development. Working hand-in-hand, we strive to set a new standard for responsible solar field implementation.

Waymore Land Management Inc:

Waymore Land Management Inc's expertise in land conservation and sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with our commitment to environmental stewardship. Together, we aim to create solar projects that not only generate clean energy but also enhance the ecological value of the surrounding landscapes.


Moss, a key player in the construction and infrastructure sector, brings a wealth of experience to our collaborative efforts. Their dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility complements our vision for solar projects that are both efficient and ecologically sound.

Florida Power and Light:

Partnering with Florida Power and Light, a leading utility company, reinforces our shared commitment to powering communities responsibly. By integrating sustainable fencing solutions, we contribute to their mission of delivering clean, reliable energy while respecting the natural ecosystems.


At Bomann Fencing, we are privileged and thrilled to be part of groundbreaking projects that redefine the future of energy. Our dedication to agricultural and wildlife-friendly fencing reflects not only our commitment to environmental sustainability but also our passion for creating a world where clean energy and biodiversity thrive together.

two men installing field fence

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